Apple’s iPhone 14 release date 2022

In this article, we’ll be providing information regarding apple’s new iPhone 14. I.e. iPhone 14 rumors, iPhone 14 design, and iPhone 14 release date 2022, and moreover this blog article will help you clear that question in your mind that whether should I wait for iPhone 14 or not. So we now have hands-on with an iPhone 14 replica. This is a replica of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and it was originally made for case manufacturing, so it’s supposed to be a fairly accurate representation of the final product of apple’s iPhone 14. And it looks like all the iPhone 14 leaks and also the iPhone 14 rumors we’ve seen so far.

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iPhone 14 | Credits: Dave2D

iPhone 14 release date, Rumors, Design 2022

iPhone 14 design

So in apple’s iPhone 14 design there still has a lightning port with no USB C. The button layout and the stainless steel frame of the new iPhone 14 design are quite familiar to the iPhone 13 pro max. The camera hump on the back of the iPhone 14 is a little bit bigger than the one on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But then upfront, on the new Apple iPhone 14 design, the device no longer has a notch, and instead, it has a pair of punched-out holes, a pill-shaped one, and a circular one.

iPhone 14 Models

Now there are supposedly going to be four iPhone 14 models this year two iPhone 14 Pro models, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, both of which are supposed to be rocking those new punched-out apertures. And then two non-pro iPhone 14 models, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, are both rumored to retain the existing notch. Now the good news is you don’t need to go pro to get a big boy phone anymore. But the small phone is seemingly done.    


iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 | What’s the next iPhone 14

There’s no more iPhone mini from apple. But the talk of the town isn’t about the iPhone sizes or about punch-hole cameras. It’s about chips. Because some of these new iPhones 14 are supposedly going to be running an older chip from apple. So the iPhone 14 Pros are going to be running the upcoming A 16 Bionic chip. But the regular iPhone 14s are supposedly running the preexisting A 15 Bionic, which is the same chip that’s inside the current iPhone 13. And it’s got some people concerned, but it seems there’s more to it. I don’t actually think it’s the same chip, or at least not quite. All of apple’s iPhone 13 devices run the A15 Bionic chip. The regular apples iPhone 13 model runs a four-core GPU, but the Pro model runs a five-core GPU, and it gets more Ram. But the extra hardware allows the Pro models to be equipped with a better camera system. Now, for the iPhone 14 performance, if they’re really going to be running last year’s chips inside the base model iPhone 14, it can’t be the base model iPhone 13 chip that they take. I think the apple will take an iPhone 13 Pro chip with its 5 core GPU and then stick it into an iPhone 14. That’s the only way they’re going to have something that they can sell.

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iPhone 14 Performance

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iPhone 14 rumors

Now, there are a couple of things on the replica of the iPhone 14 Pro Max design that I find interesting on the front. The iPhone 14 pro max has a pretty big visual shift away from a notch, but I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been staring at iPhone’s notches for like four or five years but this looks different. I will say that if you overlay the previous iPhone notches onto iPhone 14 pro max, you kind of appreciate it. But the process is apparently quite expensive. So it supposedly triples the cost of making this front-facing camera system compared to a regular notched camera system. The iPhone’s Pro models are also supposed to get a 48-megapixel main sensor and that is a very big step up in megapixel count but also in processing requirements. I feel like it’s going to need a significantly more capable chip than what was in the iPhone 13 to be able to process that stuff properly because one of the things that Apple does is their kind of real-time processing of when you’re framing shots when you’re just holding up your camera and you’re looking at something, whatever it is before you snap the shot, whatever you see on screen is usually a really good representation of what the shot is going to come out like. And if that’s for a real 48-megapixel sensor, that’s being sent down to like a regular 12-megapixel file that’s going to need a lot of processing capability. I imagine that’s what that Apple’s A16 chip will be able to do better than Apple’s A15 chips but there are also rumors of, like 8K video.

Apple’s Marketing Strategy

The iPhone 14 has to have a very clear and compelling reason as to why I’d want to purchase that over the iPhone 13. And it just has to have a better camera system. It has to have better hardware, even if it’s slight because apple can market slight hardware improvements. Apple is like, “We took our best iPhone camera, the iPhone 13 Pro camera. We took it from iPhone 13 and we put it into the iPhone 14” and it costs less money. And guess what one can market that. Do you know what you can’t market is that we took the iPhone 13, we did some software tweaks, and this is the iPhone 14? No shot, bro heheheheh. You can market that. As for why though, like why would the apple company do this? They have done it occasionally on their budget devices. But to see it happen to the iPhone 14, does feel bizarre.

Moreover, there are some theories from apple-like, we got the chip shortage that’s happening right now. It’s a very real issue. But I feel like this is Apple. Everything they do is super deliberate. And if I had to guess, I don’t think the chip shortage has much of a play on this. I really think that it’s just part of their plan. They want to like the one thing that comes to mind is this allows them to separate their regular iPhone 14 models and their iPhone 14 Pro models much more aggressively. Like right now in the current iPhone market.

Apple, over time, allows you to make that divide bigger and bigger until you just have drastically different products. Where one is truly pro iPhone model and one iPhone is truly amateur, which is not pro, but it allows two things that come to mind. Number one, it gives Apple the opportunity to push its customer base towards more adoption. Like Apple is working supposedly on the Apple AR, as their Apple glasses. Imagine only the iPhone Pros with the better chips and the more capable GPU capacity. Only that can do the AR stuff in order to connect it with Apple glasses. Maybe. I’m just saying that it allows apple to differentiate their products like that really nicely. And obviously, the other thing is the revenue of apple. By doing this, you’re making more money as a company. If you do this split and you can put more features, more capability to the bigger phone or the better phone, but in a way, higher price tag, and that’s is the Apple. They’re really good at it.

iPhone 14 pro max price

Since the last year’s iPhone 12, and iPhone 13, the difference between the iPhone Pro and the regular iPhone model is quite slight. It exists, but it’s like a $200 price difference. And the feature set is for the most part pretty similar. But if one split it like this, maybe the iPhone 14 has a slight price increase.

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