Acer most powerful gaming laptop review (overclockable i9-9980HK + RTX 2080)

The Acer Predator Helios 700 – their most powerful gaming laptop has a Hyper Drift feature. It allows the laptop to open up for maximum performance and has an extremely comfortable keyboard. With an overclockable i9-9980HK and the RTX 2080, this pushes out impressive performance.

Acer Predator Helios 700

Acer Predator Helios 700 is Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop. There are a lot of companies out there that make some impressive gaming laptops. But oftentimes I find them more gimmicky they not. But when they first announced this device, I remember thinking that this legitimately looked like something that I would want to test out and it looked like something that could be useful. So this is the Acer Helios 700 and they released the Acer Helios 700 in April 2019.

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Acer Helios 700

Acer Predator Helios 700 Review

It has the hyper drift keyboard. And it is what makes this laptop special. This keyboard can shift down and the purpose of it is twofold. One, it sets it up into a more comfortable typing position. So your hands have this built-in wrist rests for when you’re playing games or typing. And it also opens up the performance capabilities of Acer predator Helios 700. It improves it to a significant degree. It makes it both Fast and Furious. Now when you open and close this keyboard or like when you shift it up it doesn’t make a sound but when you pull it down it puts out that techie kind of spaceship sound, you can make it quieter just by lowering the system volume. But it’s a sound effect, we put some effort into making it kind of this cohesive experience when you open and close the hyper drift keyboard. So Is Acer a good brand for gaming and does this work? Does the keyboard do what it’s supposed to do? Yes, it is, but it has some quirks. So I’m going to focus on the keyboard experience itself. When you use this laptop with the keyboard shifted up, the keyboard positioning isn’t super comfortable. It’s a relatively thick machine. So your hand is just rested upon this device, there’s a pretty big drop at the edge of the laptop. Now the reason why it’s so thick is that it’s the Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop.

Performance of Helios 700

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This has the fastest CPU available in the market also has the fastest mobile GPU on the market as well. It’s an eight-core 99 at its overclockable it can hit five gigahertz and the GPU is an RT x 2080. So you do need something thick to cool it properly. There are fans to control it, However, when you put it on turbo are super loud. It’s loud. Now you don’t have to run turbo when it’s opened up, you can run on default mode. And it’s not super loud even when you’re playing games on default mode. But if you turbo it, it’s super loud, it pushes a crazy amount of air, but you get some crazy performance that you just cannot get on a laptop. Otherwise, both the CPU and the GPU overclock on software. And when you do like when you crank everything up to the max, and you let the fans rip, this thing has very similar performance to a desktop running an RT x 2080. It’s just an Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop. Now if you want to run this device in turbo mode for the best possible performance, then if you’re playing games, I highly recommend getting headphones plugged in because the fans are so loud like you got to crank everything to be able to hear On top of these fans.

Layout and Mechanism Stuff

This has it built-in and it just makes the whole gaming and or typing experience nice. When the Acer Helios 700 is in the default position, it is not the most comfortable typing experience. But when you bring the keyboard down, it’s super comfortable, I would consider this to be the most comfortable gaming laptop keyboard that I’ve ever used. So normally when you play on any gaming laptop, the edge of the device where you rest your wrist does dig into your wrist a little bit over time. It’s not super annoying, but it does happen on every single laptop out there unless you have some kind of third party wrist rest. The trackpad, however, is not in a good spot when the keyboard is shifted down. The trackpad just goes to a weird angle. It’s not a particularly comfortable position. The keys also have backlighting, they’re all individually lit. So if you want to go into the software and customize it like crazy, you can. There are also macro keys if you’re into that. But the W A S D keys also have an alternative set of keycaps that they include and these remind me of the keycaps in that $9,000 curved screen gaming laptop that Acer also made like several years ago.

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They don’t only serve as an aesthetic change, they look different. But they also have a different mechanism in terms of how they spring back up the keys that are built into the keyboard like the default ones, those use a rubber dome to spring up and down. These use a metal spring and they feel a little bit different when they’re installed a little bit more responsive, and the keys are slightly higher than the stock keycaps. But the typing experience, on the whole, is really good. I think most people will enjoy this keyword quite readily. Now the other thing that this shifting keyboard does this whole hyper drift mechanism is that it opens up the airflow for the internals. Now, when you slide the keyboard down, you can see a cool window into the heat pipes. But you also have two fans on the left and right that are very powerful and push a ridiculous amount of air through the system. It’s a little weird to see this kind of airflow on a gaming laptop, but remember, they’re cooling something very powerful, very hot. And by shifting the keyboard down like that is an opening up the airflow like the air pathway, it allows us to cool it very effectively.

Helios 700 – Display

The Acer Helios 700 screen, it’s a 17-inch panel, I do wish they’d gone with a bigger panel like there’s space on the bottom and sides. For a larger panel. The bezels are quite large on this device. The panel itself is good. It’s a high-end gaming panel, 144 hertz, bright color-accurate, there’s nothing I have to complain about the actual image quality is just that the bezels are thick.

Helios 700 – Input/ Output

There’s a good number of ports on the Acer Helios 700, it does not have an SD card slot, but everything else. The battery life is short. I mean, you expect it to be short on a device like this, it’s around a two-hour battery and AC adapter is pretty large. Now there are two speakers they’re located on the front, and two speakers right below the screen. It’s a nice sound system. But keep in mind that regardless of how nice the speakers are, if you have turbo mode enabled, you just it’s not going to happen. You need headphones for that the internal also easy to get into, you get access to the two RAM slots, the two NVMe drives. And if you go a little bit deeper, you get access to the two and a half-inch SATA, as well as the Wi-Fi card. Now, my overall thoughts on Acer predator Helios 700 which is Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop, there are like I said, in the beginning, a lot of companies that make gimmicky stuff in the gaming laptop industry, this does not feel like that, to me, it’s a big machine.


It’s Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop. But it feels legitimately useful for certain users. If you’re someone who values high CPU clock speed, and you just want all eight cores running at full bore. This is one of the machines i.e. the Acer’s most powerful gaming laptop this can do it. And the hyper drift keyboard like its unique, right, this is the only device in the world with that type of keyboard right now, I do think that maybe Acer can transition this tech into smaller devices. It is pretty cool. I feel like because the keyboard brings something new that other people don’t have, it’s really difficult to compare this to other devices like one to one like that. The keyboard is super comfortable, the performance is really good and because of that I would consider this a winner and I do remember someone wise said it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.

Helios 700 Pros & Cons

  • Great graphics
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Relatively cool
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Incredible overall performance
  • Expensive
  • Fans are noisy
  • No SD card slot
  • Short battery life
  • Disappointing audio
Resolution1920x1080 pixels
Storage512 GB
Dedicated GraphicsYes
Graphics ProcessorNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070
Dedicated graphics memory8 GB
Dedicated graphics memory typeGDDR6
BrandAcerModelPredator Helios 700Release dateApril, 2020Operating SystemWindows 10ProcessorIntel® Core™ i7-9750H processor Hexa-core 2.60 GHZ
Wi-Fi standard supported802.11 b/g/n/ac
Web CameraYes
Pointer deviceTouchpad
Backlit KeyboardYes

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